Mad #104 (Albert Feldstein) - Special June-Groom Issue - July 1966

We met Alfred E. Neuman's girl friend, Moxie in issues numbered 44 and 45.  For the first time, we now meet his father with a shotgun as drawn by Norman Mingo.

This issue also contains the excellent television parody of Lost in Space.  Writer Dick DeBartolo and artist Mort Drucker capture the essence of this improbable series with "Loused Up in Space".  The "Roobinsons" explore another fantastic planet with a breathable oxygen supply, are betrayed by the Professor and experience one more cliffhanger ending.  Drucker's wonderful drawings include David Janssen, Charlie Brown, Ringo Starr, an American Indian and a robot with angry eyes.  This parody has everything, including the kitchen sink. [JAM 9/9/2009]

Dennis the Menace found Mr. Wilson's skull. (page 36)

[Look for 12 more appearances of Putnam's bird.]

Underhand Pitch - Advertising Campaigns with Ulterior Motives
Microfolk - Another Mad Peek Through the Microscope
Funny-Bone-Heads - Future Wit and Wisdom Books
Don Martin - In the Hospital; Later on in the Hospital; Still Later on in the Hospital
Party Poopers - The Dangers of Mixing Personal Politics with Careers
One-Two-Three-Formula - Stereotype-Casting by the Numbers
Institution for the Criminally Inane - Mad Visits the American Mediocrity Academy
Rhyme with a View - A Mad Portfolio of Shapely Verse
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of High School
Highway Ribbery - Road Signs We'd Really Like to See
Licking the Problem - Postage Stamp Advertising
Miss-Take-A-Letter - A Mad Look at the Voice Typewriter
Running Commentary - Track and Field Foto-Plays
Science Affliction - Loused Up in Space

Fold-In - Mushroom Cloud