Mad #102 (Albert Feldstein) - National Perspirer Issue - April 1966

Although Harvey Kurtzman had done short parodies of supermarket tabloids in Mad #16 and Mad #25, this five-page parody of National Enquirer by Larry Siegel and Al Jaffee is the most complete tabloid parody to date.  In this issue of National Perspirer, we learn that a woman was tortured for eight years by a demented hunchback with bad breath; a man from Zanesville, Ohio beat his wife with a cooked cauliflower; and another woman set a record for being flogged by a crazed Albanian dwarf.  Al Jaffee dominated Mad #102 with "ABC-TV's Wild World of Sports" and the "Mad Fold-In" in addition to his tabloid drawings.  [JAM 9/8/2009]

Richard Nixon is in the unemployment line. (page 33)

[Look for Charlie Brown, Linus & Lucy Van Pelt, Miss Peach's Ira, Orphan Annie and Jiggs in "Bubby Lake Missed" - pages 43-48 and the first appearance of "Flip the Bird" probably drawn by John Putnam on inside front cover]

Put Camp in Your Campaign - Some Mad Suggestions for Other Ridiculous Ad Images
Don Martin - In a Delicatessen; In an Optometrist's Waiting Room; In a Haberdashery
Up-Chuck - BrandXed
The Great Mail Robbery - Achieving Personal Success in Crime
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Elementary School
Joke And Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Ecchtra, Ecchtra! Heave All About It! - The National Perspirer
Declaration of Dependents - Mad's Lifetime People Chart
Athlete's Feat - ABC-TV's Wild World of Sports
Move Ahead Three Pages - New Board Games We'd Really Like to See
A New Lease on Strife - The Typical Luxury Apartment House Ad
On My Honor, I Will Be a Pest! - Boy Scouts vs. Little Old Ladies
Crazy Otto - Bubby Lake Missed (By a Mile)

Fold-In - Doctor