Mad #101 (Albert Feldstein) - Prohias Logo - March 1966

When Harvey Kurtzman converted Mad to a magazine with issue number 24, he established logo design as one of its identifying features.  Second editor Albert Feldstein honored the tradition through his fist 21 issues (#29-49) but then started making changes.  Mad #50 was the first with an incomplete logo as the sign painter took a fall.  Mad #55's logo was washed out by rain.  The logo of Mad #76 was painted by Alfred E. Neuman.  The Kurtzman characters were completely missing from issues numbered 78, 87-92, 94, 96 and 99-100.  Characters by Don Martin appeared in Mad #97 and characters by another artist (possibly Feldstein himself) appeared in Mad #98.  By issue number 101, the Kurtman characters were figments of the distant past (alas!).  The black and white spies of Antonio Prohias are seen cavorting through the logo.  These may have been drawn by Prohias or by another equally-talents member of the Mad gang.  I like the different drawings but I never did like the empty logo.  I would have preferred that Feldstein and company had returned to the Kurtzman characters when no other logo ideas were used.  [JAM 9/8/2009]

Publisher Bill Gaines is playing the bongos. (page 5)

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