Mad #100 (Albert Feldstein) - Big Deal Issue - January 1966

Yes, it is a big deal.  In fourteen years the EC staff produced about 5,000 pages of classic humor.  Nowhere in the history of human existence can such a volume of satire, parody and silliness be found.  Publisher Bill Gaines provided the forum for free expression.  Kurtzman, Elder, Wood and Davis established the form.  Editor Al Feldstein ensured continuity and allowed it to grow.  He hired excellent Mad artists: Drucker, Berg, Martin, Clarke, Prohias, Mingo, Freas, Jaffee, Orlando, Rickard, Woodbridge, Coker and Aragones.  The artists added their loving touch to the marvelous words of writers: Jacobs, Siegel, Hart, Kogen, Koch, DeBartolo and others.

Mad has set the standard by which all others will be measured.  Mad is the truth (although somewhat exaggerated).  It is a chronicle of our times.  It is money well spent.  Mad is a big deal. [MADlog #13]

"Former humor mag editor" (Kurtzman?) is a bum on The Bowery. (page 27)

Tune up the Volume - Future Broadway Musicals (Based on the Classics)
Living Off the Fad of the Land - The Wonderful World of Re-Packaging
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Home-Sweet-Ho-Hum - The Nilson Family
Word Game Preserve - The Return of the Mad Beastlies
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Sleep
Every Dog Has Its Date - What Is a Blind Date?
Tour De Farce - Shirley Finster's New York
Lame-Brain-Games - Mad's Puzzle Page
Tots My Line - The Toy Manufacturer of the Year
Poem of the Brave - The Swan Song of Hiawatha
Eight Old Tomatoes in That Itty Bitty Film Can - Hack, Hack Sweet Has-Been
Don Martin - On the Subway

Fold-In - Santa Claus