Mad #10 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Woman Wonder Issue - 1954

"Potrzebie" first appeared in the letters page ("Mad Mumblings") in issue No. 10 in response to a reader's request: "Please tell me what in the world "furshlugginer" means."  Since the, "potrzebie" has been used 3,857 times in Mad (give or take 3,000).

This was the last of the formula comics featuring all of the original Mad artists: Davis, Elder, Kurtzman, Severin and Wood.  John Severin illustrated his last ("Sane!") of nine Kurtzman stories which were mostly westerns and jungle stories (Melvin of the Apes).  The format change was signaled by the first appearance of an outrageous Basil Wolverton drawing in the last frame of "The Face Upon the Floor!."  To answer the competition, Kurtzman was preparing to take satire/parody comics to a new level. [PSA1]

Nivlem quit the story.  ("Woman Wonder! - page 5)

War Comics - G.I. Schmoe! (Wood)
Western - Sane! (Severin)
Poetry - The Face upon the Floor! (Davis)
Heroine Worship - Woman Wonder! (Elder)