Fan Mail

(2/17/2018) "Loved your site ... would love to guest host for you ... My name is Henry, I'm the Marketing Co-ordinator over at Skycoin ... (and can I use your website to post my Cryptocurrency Manifesto?)" [Henry Benjamin]  "No." [JAM]

(4/9/2015) "Jerry, I really enjoyed your Lampoon reviews.  Have you read Doug Kenney's bio?  The guy really was a genius.  It's sad that he never witnessed the cultural impact of Caddyshack, and died believing it to be a failure.  At any rate, great reviews!  Have a good one!" [Kit Lively]

(9/18/2014) "Good stuff, Jerry." [Adam Cooke]

(8/27/2013) "I love your website!" [Jackie Peterson]

(6/20/2013) "If you haven't checked out Jerry's exhaustive list of individual Mad issue notes and reviews, you owe it to yourself." [Doug Gilford]

(3/1/2012) "I read some of your stories you wrote.  Very interesting and funny" [Dan Schulenburg]

(11/17/2011) "Wow, I just took a trip down memory lane on your site!" [Sarah Lipman]

(2/9/2011) "Interesting.  I had envisioned something a bit more fancy, but it does the trick." [Mark Greenwald]

(11/22/2010) "Anyway, thanks for your time & like your site." [Neil Wahlert]

(8/16/2010) "That was really cool." [Peggy Jean Collier]

(3/14/2010) "Some website!  ... Disagree with your politics, but respect your well-articulated positions." [Louis Larson]

(5/11/2009) "I loved the movie reviews. Linda" [sister]

(3/9/2009) "Hey Dad, I really really like your reviews. Love, Evan"