Weird Al Yankovic

In the world of music parody, there are only two players worth discussing.  The Rutles parodied The Beatles and, Weird Al Yankovic did everyone else.  Weird Al has issued 17 albums including two of greatest hits and four that were re-packaged.  He is the master of song parody, style parody, and culture parody.  And, his videos are second to none.  Wikipedia has an excellent summary of his works.

The best songs by Weird Al are those that parody popular songs and popular culture (movies, television, etc.) at the same time.  He has the ability to transform himself into the parody subject.  In 1989, he wrote and starred in an excellent, under-rated movie titled UHF.  It is clear that he could have been successful in any of the entertainment media.

My favorite Weird Al album is Poodle Hat distributed in 2003.  The album is a feast for parody fans.  Al offers song/culture parodies of Piano Man/Spider-Man (Ode to a Superhero), I Want It That Way/eBay, and Lose Yourself/television (Couch Potato); excellent style-parody homages to Frank Zappa (Genius in France) and Bob Dylan (all-palindrome Bob); a great original song (Hardware Store); and of course, his trademark polka parody (Angry White Boy Polka). [JAM 3/24/2009]

Following are my top ten favorite Weird Al Yankovic song parodies:

1.  Ode to a Superhero (Poodle Hat - 2003)
2.  Jurassic Park (Alapalooza - 1993)
3.  Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies (UHF Soundtrack - 1989)
4.  Amish Paradise (Bad Hair Day - 1996)
5.  The Saga Begins (Running with Scissors - 1999)
6.  Eat It (Weird Al Yankovic in 3-D - 1984)
7.  Yoda (Dare to Be Stupid - 1985)
8.  Ricky (Weird Al Yankovic - 1983)
9.  Gump (Bad Hair Day - 1996)
10. Smells Like Nirvana (Off the Deep End - 1992)