2019 b

(Jan. 24 to Feb. 1) [My 95 year-old father lives by himself in Kingman, Arizona.  Since he can no longer read pill bottles (or remember when to take them), my sister (who also lives in Kingman) visits every day to organize his medicine and meals.  When my sister asked my to sub for her so she could visit a new grandchild on the East Coast, I agreed and booked a hotel room in nearby Laughlin, Nevada.  I took care of Dad during the day and played video poker for nine nights.  On the final night in Laughlin I walked toward a bank of three machines I like to play.  A lady was playing on the middle machine and her bags were on the seat of the machine to her right.  She asked me if she should move her bags.  I said "no" and sat at the machine on her left.  I put money in the machine and played the first hand.  The machine immediately started making noise and showed a royal flush times three for $3,000 ON THE FIRST PLAY.  The lady laughed and said that her bags gave me the jackpot.  She also said that the guy sitting behind me had been playing the same machine for hours without luck.  That royal flush was the ninth one of my nine-night stay.  I had collected tax forms totaling $19,400 and took most of it home with me.  I was well-compensated for my nursing gig.