The past two years have been awful for the history of U.S. politics.  I do not even want to mention that guy's name on this page.  But, there are some reasons to be optimistic.  The Democrats recovered 40 seats in the House of Representatives.  And, the Special Counsel (Robert Mueller) is getting to the good stuff.  To continue the optimism, I plan to record only positive steps here toward the goal: Remove the Monster in the White House.  Now it begins - the Pelosi Era!

(Jan. 1) Some Twitter sources are reporting that 22 Republican senators and 150 House representatives will be indicted as a result of the Maria Butina/NRA investigation. (George Kelley, Karol Cummins, Eric Garland and others)

(Jan. 2) Russia chose the monster to run for president per Tamir Pardo, former Israeli Mossad chief. (Newsweek)

(Jan. 3) 2019 will be the worst year of the monster's life per Jon Wiener, historian. (LA Times)

Nancy Pelosi was elected Speaker of the House by a vote of 220 to 192 over Kevin McCarthy with 23 not voting or voting for others. (CSPAN)

California Rep. Brad Sherman and Texas Rep. Al Green reintroduced Articles of Impeachment against the monster.  (AP)

(Jan. 4) The DC grand jury working on the Special Counsel investigation has been extended for six months. (Palmer Report)

(Jan. 5) Federal prosecutors have requested records related to the $285 million loan that Deutsche Bank gave Jared Kushner's family. (Washington Post)

(Jan. 6) "Subpoenas are coming" per Representative Ted Lieu. (Palmer Report)

(Jan. 7) Federal judge tells attorney of Russian company to "knock it off" re court filing tactics.  (Rachel Maddow Show)

(Jan. 8) "There is a paper trail that proves Pence knew Michael Flynn was a foreign agent." (Scott Dworkin)

Russian lawyer at Trump Tower meeting charged with money-laundering and obstruction of justice in a separate case. (CNN)

Manafort shared 2016 campaign data with Russian intelligence agent.  (NY Times)

(Jan. 9) "I was about to say this, but I'm OK with being scooped by CNN.  Rod Rosenstein retiring was the best news, for me.  It means he trusts William Barr, AND it means that Mueller is almost done.  This is it, folks.  The red glow of dawn is rising dimly over the horizon." (Louise Mensch)

"Let me say something that isn't a popular opinion, yet, but I predict will soon become received wisdom.  The Senate will vote to convict Trump and it won't even be close.  The media still doesn't grasp the enormity, and clarity, of the treason Mueller's report will make public." (Louise Mensch)

House Intel Committee's first subpoena will go to DT Jr. (Rep. Jackie Speier)

House Judiciary Committee has called for Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker to testify by January 29.  (Jerrold Nadler and Ted Lieu)

(Jan. 10) Trump campaign had over 100 contacts with Russia.  (HuffPost and aol)

Robert Mueller met with Trump's pollster.  (CNN)

Michael Cohen will testify before a House Oversight Committee on February 7.  (Elijah Cummings)

(Jan. 11) FBI opened a counter-intelligence investigation after the monster fired James Comey. (New York Times)

(Jan. 12) No record of five meetings with Putin. (Washington Post)

"TREASON" (Counterchekist)

(Jan. 13) "Mueller's draft report is devastating for Trump." (Carl Bernstein on CNN)

(Jan. 14) Mueller probes a Nunes meeting at Trump DC hotel. (Daily Beast)

(Jan. 15) Acting AG Matt Whitaker will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on February 8. (Ted Lieu)

(Jan. 16) Nancy Pelosi asked the monster to postpone the SOTU speech. (all media)

 "Mueller confirms Kilimnik a focus of grand jury investigation." (CNN)

Rick Gates gave Mueller info about Trump team's dealings with secretive Israeli intelligence firm. (Daily Beast)

(Jan. 17) Cohen hired IT firm to rig early polls in favor of Trump. (Wall Street Journal)

"... president was startled as he watched Bill Barr testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and describing the warm relationship he has with the special counsel Robert Mueller." (CNN)

"It is time to impeach ..." (Atlantic)

(Jan. 18) "Trump ordered Cohen to lie to Congress about the Trump in Moscow." (BuzzFeed; HuffPost)