Our second son, Evan married Ms. Stacie Kariger yesterday (July 10, 2010) in Santa Barbara, California in the Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens.  The wedding was witnessed by 100 friends and family members and was followed by a wonderful reception at Stella Mare's Restaurant.  Events began on Friday, July 9 (rehearsal & rehearsal dinner) and ended on Sunday, July 11 with a farewell barbeque at the Arroyo Burro Beach. [JAM 7/11/2010]

Jury duty - one day and done. After interviewing 45 jurors, parties agreed to settle without a trial. [JAM 5/18/2010]

Stacie Kariger and Evan Moore officially announced their wedding date and location: Saturday, the tenth of July in Santa Barbara, California.  Their wedding website is www.stacieplusevan.com. [JAM 2/11/2010]


On the second summer after retirement, I started to repaint the house with brushes.  Since I was repairing as I went and only working an hour or two per day, the job took months.  [JAM 6/13/2020]