Thus ends the two-year experiment called MADlog, the Mad Collector's Registry and phase one of my Mad experiment.  This journey began at the 1995 San Diego Comic Con.  I could not believe that 50,000 people would attend a convention for comics.  If so many people were crazy about comics, there must be a large group of Mad fanatics.

In 1995, I decided to do something to express my appreciation for Mad.  In the process, I made some excellent contacts and participated in a dialogue of sorts.  It is now time to evolve again.

Special thanks are due to my son, Evan who is a computer whiz and draws better than me too. [From "The End" in MADlog #13 - January 1999]


This is the photo used for my "President's Messages" during my two-year term as National President of the American Society of Gas Engineers.  [JAM 6/13/2020]