Our second son, Evan Stewart Moore was born on April 7, 1983 at the Montebello (California) Birth Center with Dr. Bruce Odou making the delivery.  Lorna was in labor for 14 hours.  The birth center was having serious management problems at the time.  One of the nurses left the center after the first hour and never returned. We never did get a bill from the birth center and it took us ten months to get an official birth certificate.  [JAM 3/23/2020]

The following is an excerpt of the Technical Addendum to Management and Operational Review of American Gas Association [A.G.A.] Appliance Certification Program written by Richard J. Schulte, Vice President of Stone & Webster Management Consultants, Inc. (Denver, Colorado).

"In 1983, the management of the A.G.A. Laboratories recommended that A.G.A. sponsor a comprehensive management and operational review of the A.G.A. Appliance Certification Program.  The recommendation was, in part, an outgrowth of ongoing discussions with the gas appliance manufacturers who have expressed concern over (a) the timeliness and cost of the Appliance Certification Program, and (b) the testing procedures and management policies embodied in the program.  Stone & Webster Management Consultants, Inc. (Stone & Webster) was subsequently commissioned to conduct the management and operational review of the two Laboratories ..."

In 1983, I was a test engineer "A" for the Pacific Coast Branch of A.G.A. Laboratories with ten years of testing experience.  I was also president of the employees' union and was unofficially supervising the accessories and description departments. [JAM 3/23/2010]

On May 20, 1983, I joined the American Society of Gas Engineers (ASGE) at the request of Mr. L.J. Swift.  I had already planned to join that year since I now had ten years of industry experience and would not be required to enter the Society as a "Junior" member. [JAM 3/23/2010]