Our first son, Cameron Matthew Moore was born on January 29, 1979 at a birth center in Culver City, California.  We had used the Bradley Method of natural childbirth.  Cameron was delivered by a nurse-midwife.  There was no doctor in attendance.  I cut the umbilical cord after the delivery.  It was not easy to cut.  The cord is a substantial human organ similar to a small snake.  After the birth, we all rested for about an hour.  Then I put Lorna and Cameron into the orange Plymouth Duster and drove back to Norwalk.  The entire process from first contraction to birth took over 27 hours.  I was very proud of Lorna.  She worked so hard for so many hours. [JAM 3/23/2010]

We started a tradition of taking annual family Christmas photos in 1979.  I put the camera on a tripod; set the timer; and ran to be in the photo.  We did this 36 times as I used a full roll of Kodachrome.  All 36 poses were needed since Cameron did not know what was happening.  We generally took these photos in late November because the roll had to be sent to a Kodak lab for processing.  In those days, we sent as many as 100 cards with photos in them.  [JAM 6/12/2020]