(date unknown) Her name is Lorna and she lights up every room.  And everybody is competing for her smile.  The ultimate prize - her smile.  But, wonder of wonders, she smiles at me.  It's a dream, the most beautiful dream.  She touches my hand, whispers my name.  And I am allowed to gaze into her eyes and confess my love for her.  There is no greater luxury. [JAM archive]

I married Lorna Rae Shrum in a civil ceremony at her apartment in Huntington Park, California on June 26, 1976.  It was 105 degrees, Fahrenheit outside.  Lorna's friend Carol Anderson and our landlady Bonnie served as witnesses.  Ron Davis was supposed to be the best man but he was ill and unable to attend.  We were married on a Saturday and went back to work on Monday.