If I could go back in time, I would go back to the summer of 1964.  I was out of high school since June, bowling with my friends, driving around town with a pretty girl (Peggy) in my dad's 1957 Plymouth Savoy with the big fins & push-button transmission, and going body surfing at the beach.  I had a tan.  It just never got any better than that.  I was working six nights a week scorekeeping for about a dollar an hour plus tips (plus $0.25 or a coke for a "111" in the seventh frame - if that happened).  I lived at the bowling alley and at the beach.  [JAM 8/20/2010]

I completed my Seal Bearer goal during the first semester of senior year with A's in English 4, French II, Trigonometry and Chemistry.  For good measure, I did it again in the last semester of high school.  Yearbook quotes: [JAM 6/17/2019]

"Now for your thrill.  I'm about to sign your annual.  You're a real 'tuff' guy, stay as sweet as you are now.  It's been fun having you in my french class, making me feel inferior.  So, to one 'tuff', neat, sweet guy, from one 'tuff', neater, sweeter, girl.  Love ya, Judi Wertz"

"Isn't it great?  No more Jablan.  Good luck, pal, we'll see you around.  Bradley Wahl"

"Jerry, It has been a distinct pleasure & honor to count you among my best friends!  You are one of the nicest boys on campus and I really mean it.  Best of luck always - although you won't need it!  Best wishes always from a friend.  Jon Lefler" [Student Body President]

"To a great liberal.  Best wishes. Louis Larson" and "Jerry - You did it again in Trig.  Best wishes for a successful future.  Good luck always. Louis Larson"

"Dear Jerry, It sure has been fun these past four years, especially in Latin and French.  Best Wishes Always.  Love, Sue Roberts" [GAA, CSF, FBLA, Drama, Steering Committee, Rooters Club, Glee Club Pianist, surfer]

"- Jerry - Lots of luck in the future.  Hope you do well in college.  Your friend John Reed" [RIP]

"What's wrong with being right?  Phillip 'B' McAfee" [RIP 1946-1966]

"Jerry, You are one of the most wonderful, sweetest, and gentle boys I have met at Norwalk High.  Your journey through high school has been successful.  May you have continued success.  May God bless you.  Remember me always.  A friend always, Nina Valentin"

Bowling Average: 180 (Norwalk Bowl)
                            179 (traveling league)
                            184 (Wonderbowl Downey)
                            189 (Dutch Village Bowl)

High Game: 269 (Norwalk Bowl)

High Series: 685 (Norwalk Bowl)