If I could go back in time, I would go back to the summer of 1964.  I was out of high school since June, bowling with my friends, driving around town with a pretty girl (Peggy) in my dad's 1957 Plymouth Savoy with the big fins & push-button transmission, and going body surfing at the beach.  I had a tan.  It just never got any better than that.  I was working six nights a week scorekeeping for about a dollar an hour plus tips (plus $0.25 or a coke for a "111" in the seventh frame - if that happened).  I lived at the bowling alley and at the beach.  [JAM 8/20/2010]


Bowling Average: 180 (Norwalk Bowl)
                            179 (traveling league)
                            184 (Wonderbowl Downey)
                            189 (Dutch Village Bowl)

High Game: 269 (Norwalk Bowl)

High Series: 685 (Norwalk Bowl)