At the end of freshman year, I had set an academic goal for myself.  I wanted to be a California Seal Bearer in the California Scholarship Federation (CSF).  The requirements were ten points (A=3; B=1) in five semester classes (not counting PE) with no grade below C.  The freshmen semesters did not count.  To be a seal bearer, one needed ten points in four of six semesters in grades 10-12.  I made the club in the second semester of grade 9 (not a qualifying semester) with A's in English I, Electricity I, Algebra I and Latin I.  I barely made it again in first semester grade 10 with 11 points (A's in Electricity II, Geometry and English II).  However, the second semester of grade 10 was the most difficult since Miss Holt (English II) and Mr. Steinbroner (Latin II) had announced  that they were not giving as many A's and B's that semester.  I received only 6 points and therefore would start grade 11 outside of CSF.  In effect, I needed to make CSF in the next three consecutive semesters to be shown as a seal bearer in the yearbook.

Following are some of the nice comments from classmates in my 1962 yearbook.

"Jerry: Best of luck in all you do.  I have enjoyed your help in Geometry and hope to see you in some of my next year's classes.  I have especially thanked you for your help in radicals.  Good luck in your Latin grades.  Sandy Kabel"

"Jerry, It's been real nice knowing you.  I hope that you have the best of everything in life. Your friend, Jon Lefler"

"Jerry, the boy who does all his homework.  The boy in Latin who should have been '# uno.' Richie Krelle P.S. 'lade ad Inferno' "

"To the Latin II first Row kid.  It's been nice knowing you.  Good Luck in the future.  Bill Stearns '64"

"To Jerry, who is a real nice guy, Best wishes and good luck for the many more years that you will inhabit the earth.  See you next year back in the salt mines.  Mark Massen"

"Jerry, You are one of the nicest boys I know.  I hope you get all that you deserve from life.  I hope we have some classes together next year and we become better friends.  Good luck, Cynthia Garza"

"Jerry, I've only known you a little while, but you've always been kind and considerate to me.  Good Luck, Always.  Love, Sue Roberts"

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