I went to junior high school at Los Alisos.  I was also a member of two coin clubs.  One was the Norwalk Coin Club that held night meetings and mostly consisted mostly of adult members.  The other, for junior high students,  held meetings at El Encanto Park.  My collection was U.S. pennies, nickels and dimes.  I could not afford more than that.  I had every Lincoln penny except 1909sVDB, 1914d and 1931s (the rare ones).  I found most of them by buying rolls from the local stores.  At one of the adult meetings, I won the door prize - a five-dollar gold piece.  This was the most valuable coin in my collection.  A few years later, I had the coin made into a necklace for my mother.  I sold all of my coins to a US Navy friend in 1972.

By 1958, I had a one dollar weekly allowance.  But, I was also making extra money by delivering handbills to neighborhood houses for Al Andersen's Liquor Store (where I bought most of my comics); and I started to keep score for leagues at Norwalk Bowl.  Scorekeepers were paid 15 cents per person (ten bowlers) for a three-hour, three-game session.  Later, the fee was raised to 25 cents per bowler.  Sometimes we would get a tip (25 cents) if a bowler's score reached "111" in the 7th frame.  It was a thing.  By the time I was in high school, I was scorekeeping five or six nights per week.  Each night I had a regular team that expected me to be there. 

At Los Alisos I was a home-room representative, backstage helper on plays, and a member of the newspaper staff (sports & crossword puzzles).  [JAM 6/6/2020]