Nyla Booth graduated from 9th grade at Thomas Starr King Junior High School in June 1938.  The school was established on Fountain Avenue in the Silverlake district of Los Angeles in 1926.  It is active in that community today.  Mr. Starr King was a Freemason and a Unitarian minister who was influential in California politics during the Civil War; and "was credited by Abraham Lincoln with preventing California from becoming a separate republic."

According to the Starr King "Echoes S-38" yearbook: "During the past three years Homeroom 308, under the supervision of Mrs. Forman has been a very happy group.  The first event the Homeroom remembered was the B7 Tea.  In the A7 a White Elephant Sale for the help of the Community Chest was held for two days."  Nyla was "Krazy about dancing; Intends to be housewife; Nickname: Cutie; Going to Marshall."

Our mother's parents (James Orval and Marian Pfister Booth) bought their first car in Kansas in 1936 and drove their three children (Jimmy. Nyla & Alice) to Southern California.  They settled in Hollywood near a movie studio while their father worked with his brother, Glenn as an advance publicist for the Ringling Brothers circus.  Mom is in the front row of the photo, fourth from the left.  Apparently, there was a dress code.  [JAM 2/27/2021]