Our paternal grandparents, Joe Edmond Moore (1889-1967) and Myrtle Armenda Hawkins (1893-1930) were married in Oklahoma on July 11, 1911.  They had six children born between 1912 and 1926.  Our father was the fifth of the six children.  Joe Moore worked for the railroad and had a small farm & house in Paoli, Oklahoma with an outhouse and a storm shelter.  When our family visited the home of Joe and his second wife, Anneatta (1907-1994) in the late 1950s, their main farm product was chicken eggs.  My sister Betty and I were allowed to participate in the daily egg harvest.  There were about a dozen nests in the small coop.  Each nest had a hard, smooth object in it like a rock or an old door knob.  Most of the nests also had one new egg.  When I got to one of the nests, I encountered a medium-sized garter snake that was also looking for an egg - thus ending my egg-gathering activities for the day.  The second photo shows our son, Evan Moore crossing the bridge to the old house in 1984. [JAM 3/5/2021]