From "Family Record of Anna (Winkler) Pfister [1837-1917] and Christian Pfister, Sr. [1835-1914]:"

"They were married April 17, 1864 and came to Brown County, Kansas from Iowa in October, 1873 with their six children, including month old baby John.  They settled on a farm 4 miles southwest of Hiawatha, bought the farm in 1874, later to Hiawatha in 1901.  Their home in Hiawatha still stands [1973] at 308 South Tenth Street.  They were the parents of the following children: Mary, Matilda, Henry, Christian, Jr., Simeon, John, Anna, Ellen, and Emma.  These children, after they were married all lived on farms southwest of Hiawatha within a few miles of each other.  Grandfather and Grandmother Pfister gave each of their nine children 80 acres of land.  The first Pfister reunion was held in 1915, the next in 1919, the third in 1931 and each year thereafter."

My grandmother, Marian Margaret Pfister was the second child of Simeon Pfister (born in 1871) and his first wife, Bertha Ferguson Pfister.  Simeon had five more children with his second wife, Mary Wanger Pfister.  The following photo of Marian Pfister and her older brother, Vernon Pfister was taken circa 1908.