From "William Moore and his Descendants Compiled by Marcine Moore Fritz" [1979]:

"The William Moore (1785? - 1845) [great great great grandfather] family settled in the portion of Haywood County [North Carolina] which later became Crockett County [Tennessee]."

"In 1836, William Moore sold 320 acres located on Wards Run [North Carolina] to his brother Icabod Moore.  The deed was recorded in Nov. 1838."

John Edmond Moore (1830-1894) [great great grandfather] was the sixth of nine children born to William Moore and Easter/Esther Norvell (1797-1875?).

The following photograph shows Hugh Francis Marion Moore (1859-1932) [great grandfather], his wife Mary Ada Belle (Mollie) Powell, and their first four of six children: Herbert Odell Moore (1887-1952), Joe Edmond Moore (1889-1967) [grandfather], Horace Erskin Moore (1892-1962), Paul P. Moore (1897-1900), Leslie Leon Moore (1905-1973) and Sammye Carmen Moore (1911-1995).  Joe Edmond Moore is the third child on the top row of the photograph.