Zodiac (Neal Stephenson) - Grove Press - 1988 - 316 pages

The Group of Environmental Extremists (GEE) is a ragged, donation-funded collection of young eco-thrill-seekers who fearlessly tackle the giant corporations that dump their pollution into Boston Harbor.  This early novel by Stephenson reads as well as any mystery/detective story and the science is right on the money.  GEE, led by Bohemian, non-conformist Sangamon Taylor, travels about the harbor by inflatable Zodiacs, plugging waste pipes, creating news stories for Boston reporters, and generally making life miserable for fictional chemical companies like Basco, Boner Chemical, Biotronics, etc.  Although written in 1988, the plotline is just as applicable today except that cell phone, computer and analysis technologies have made great leaps and bounds.  Somebody should make a movie out of this one.  [JAM 11/8/2016]