The Wednesday Morning Pile (Ray Funkhouser) - Stanford Chaparral - April 27, 1960 - 48 pages

This is the second "Pile" (Saturday Evening Post parody) from the editors of Stanford Chaparral.  The first one (1954) is better.  The best part of the "Wednesday Morning" edition is the cover art by Senior Editor Christopher Whorf.  The Post standard (Ben Franklin) is replaced by a bust of "Old Grand-Dad" and the scene is filled with typical college male paraphernalia like Playboy magazine, swimsuit models, spyglasses, etc.  There are some attempts at parody articles and advertisement inside the magazine but most of the text seems like deadline fillers.  There is a clever concept: President Eisenhower's coal-fired submarine (Page 18).  But, it fizzles after a few paragraphs into "(Continued on Page 18)" which is a page that it also supposed to have short story: "Does She ... or Doesn't She by M. D. Sade."  The artwork is good.  The jokes are bad.  [JAM 9/22/2018]

Front Cover - Old Grand-Dad bust, etc. by Christopher Whorf
Inside Front Cover - Old Crawdad (ad parody)
3  Index and Contributors; Parking Meter Cartoon/Knucklesand ad parody (drawing by Will Nakashima)
4  Letters
6  Nujol (ad parody for laxative)
10 Editorials: "Inflation Is Nothing We Can't Lick" and "Censorship Is Necessary? by Frank Rabelais"
13 Crisis in Our Colleges by "Wylie Viper"
16 A Postcard for Kathy by John Painter (drawing by Judy Rascoe)
18 Under The Icecap By Submarine to Milpitas by "F. Scott Grumbacher"
19 The Menace of Tierra del Fuego by "Stuart Allslop"
20 The Summer Affair by "Henry Q. Miller" (drawing by Judy Knowlton)
22 The Blessed Asset: Man's Sense of Humor by "Dr. Raucous M. Laughter"
24 The Farce of America: Cactus Gardens (photograph by Charles Landis)
26 Piled Scrapings (Jokes by Dan Garvey and Ray Funkhouser)
27 Cabbell's ad parody (drawing by Douglass Newton)
28 The Case of the Chinaman's Pigtail by "Earl Studley Garnsmeyer"
30 Jokes; Chemistry cartoon by Merta
32 Beatnik cartoon by Douglass Newton
33 Poetry and Map Quiz; Science Period by Elias Lieber
35 Souterrant Super V-12 (ad parody)
36 Next Week
38 The Perfect Squelch by "Rennarb Rosnops"
40 Post Office cartoon by Will Nakashima; Fairy Soap and B&B Blue=jay Corn Plasters (ad parodies)
41 Moldy Molar False Teeth, Gum Glue Goo, Trust-Us Truss Company and Combination Tool (ad parodies)
43 You Be the Judge by Fred Frampton
46 Hizzle by "Tur Key" (Hazel parody cartoon)
48 Keeping Piled (biographies of fake writers)