Vague (Thomas Hagey) - Firefly Books Ltd. - 1997 - 80 pages

Although I am not an expert on fashion magazines, this seems like a a very good parody of Vogue.  The articles are bizarre but the advertisement parodies are excellent.  Vague is a much better parody than the animal-themed parodies by the same author (Playboar, Cowsmopolitan, Penthorse).  Men will probably appreciate the jokes more than women will. [JAM 11/22/2016]

Front Cover - Fashionable Zits
Inside Front Cover - Foreword
2 Index
5 Biological Alarm Clock (ad parody)
6 Editorial Staff
7 Femizoid 13 (ad parody)
8 Theater: Phatso of the Opera by "Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber"
9 Letter From the Editor by "Anna Whirlwintour"
10 The Zit is a Hit by "Lance Boyle'
12 Vague Books
13 Maturity for Men (ad parody)
14 The Frankly Mint (ad parody)
15 Vague Movies
17 Revelon (ad parody)
19 American Excess (ad parody)
20 Oil of Old Lady (ad parody)
22 Chateau Eau de Toilette (ad parody)
24 Karllagerhead (ad parody)
26 The Divine House of Krishna Dior
28 Vague Business Reply Mail
30 Umberto Garbaggio
36 Baby Talk for the Tragically Hip by "Dr. Saul Lieberman
38 Bean-No (ad parody)
39 Gucchie Goo (ad parody)
40 United Gutters of Benelton (ad parody)
42 Scalplmania
44 Absolutely (ad parody)
45 Calvin Kline (ad parody)
46 Vague Living: Doggy Style
48 The Slice of Life: The Penis Reattachment Kit
50 The Rock (ad parody)
51 Anvil (ad parody)
52 How to Apply Makeup While Driving
54 Veggie Dips
56 Vague Interview by "Karl Lagerhead"
58 Lettuce Alone: Hat Couture
60 Dressed to Grill by "Jean Claude Clod"
62 Vague Arts
64 Horoscopes by "Agatha Starchild"
66 Virginia Slimes (ad parody)
67 Happy Liners (ad parody)
68 Jackie Oh!
70 Lypo King (ad parody)
71 Easy Access Pantyhose (ad parody)
72 Broken Home Furnishings
74 Whay Jeans? (ad parody)
75 Vague's Notebook
80 The Last Laugh by Thomas Hagey
Back Cover - Marlburial Lights cigarettes (ad parody)