Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation (Bill Nye) - St. Martin's Griffin - 2015 - 335 pages

Yes, it is 2016 and there are people in this country (millions of them) who claim that the theory of evolution is a hoax or some such.  This theory just does not with various religious beliefs.  "Creationists" want a similar world where all of their questions are easily answered by biblical passages.  Well, get over it, this planet and the universe are billions of years old and most changes occur quite slowly.  In this volume, Mr. Nye carefully explains the settled science of evolution with his typical sense of humor.  I have read and heard all of this before today.  The people who need to read this are the people who will not.  (Most of them are religious zealots or Republicans or both.)  The important chapter in this 2015 edition is #38 wherein Nye explains that he may have and probably was wrong about the safety of GMFs (genetically-modified foods) and the role played by "big farma" companies like Monsanto.  If this world is going to feed nine billion people in the near future, scientists must find more ways to create food for them.  I agree but can we also work on that over-population thing, please?  The other truth that I extracted from this book is that flu shots are good things that I should get every year.  And I will.  In October.  If I am not too busy.  [JAM 6/20/2016]