Unanswered Letters to the President, 2001-2015 (Ralph Nader) - Seven Stories Press - 2015 - 294 pages

The President of the United States receives thousands of letters per day.  They do not read them.  They are too busy.  Presidential staffers read these letters and some get forwarded up through channels.  Ralph Nader's book reprints 14 years worth of letter that he "wrote to the President" (George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama).  I am sure that the original letters were mailed to the White House.  However, it is much more likely that a president would see one of these letters if it was printed in a major news outlet.  I am fairly certain that Mr. Nader also sent copies of these letters to major news outlets.  He complains about unanswered letters but also did really expect to get formal answers.  This book is an historic records of the political times.  Some of the issues have been resolved or been made irrelevant.  Most of these issues are active today.  Mr. Nader is a responsible citizen of this country.  His opinions are valued and most of them represent ideas that would benefit the majority of the population.  Thank you for writing and compiling these letters, Mr. Nader.  [JAM 1/15/2016]