Uganda Be Kidding Me (Chelsea Handler) - Grand Central Publishing - 2014 - 369 pages

I am a big fan of Chelsea Handler.  This book about her vacation trip with friends to Africa is a lot of fun.  But that story ends on page 167.  The rest of the book is crude, uninteresting filler material.  I recommend that you skip the last 200 pages.  Handler has an easy, humorous writing style.  She claims to be lazy and uninformed about many things.  But, she already has four books to her credit and a successful television career.  My favorite quote in the book is: "Simone and my other sister, Shoshanna, had come out to visit me in Los Angeles two months prior with their five children.  After two days of nonstop pool noise, I stared at the smaller children with deadness behind my eyes, looked at Shoshanna, and declared, 'I just don't get the upside of having kids.'" [JAM 8/15/2018]