Tyme (Robert Geske) - University of Illinois - May 4, 1969 - 32 pages


In 1969, The University of Illinois planned a weekend in May for mothers of students to visit the campus and participate in a series of activities.  The "Weakly Magazine" staff decided that this was a good time to disguise the weekend agenda as a Time magazine parody.  They were wrong.  The result is a disorganized publication that probably made many of the mothers wonder whether this educational investment has been a good thing for their children.  There are so many typographical errors and awkward page layouts that one might question how much of it was intentional.  Typical Time-like section headings are used throughout but all pages devolve into puerile campus inanities. [JAM 10/28/2016]

Front Cover - George Washington in "Mother of the Month"
Inside Front Cover - Boltswagon (ad parody)
1 - Some Poop from The Publishers; Innards (Index)
2 - Lispings (Itinerary for mothers)
4 - Nation (army induction)
5 - World (World War III)
7 - People (Mayor, Pimple, Dropout and Thelma)
8 - Law (Rebecca); Education (New requirements for Latin students)
10 - Tyme'S Pick of Campus Pixs
11 - Modern Living (Lettie)
13 - The Big You (Campus Disappearance)
14 - Intermission (Poem)
16 - Tyme Assay (Jokes); KKK cartoon by Connaughts
17 - Something (Plaything Clubs of Vietnam ad parody)
18 - Mama (Alfreda)
19 - Peeping Toms (Jokes)
20 - The Prez (Davy Henry jokes)
22 - Business (Bomb scare)
24 - Sports (not raelly)
26 - Allerton ("An Eye for an Eye")
27 - The Press (Four letter word ban)
29 - Science (Wet Quad; Goose Eggs)
30 - Religion (Krannert Center and Miss Junkmail)
31 - Milestones (Mums attack Moms)
32 - Behavior (Riot)
Inside Back Cover - Mums Weekends Activities
Back Cover - Follett's Book Store ( real ad)