True Conceptions: Your Tough Luck Magazine (Sid Lerner) - University of Syracuse - November 1951 - 32 pages

This second magazine parody of True Confessions by the Syracuse gang was not very good.  Also, the publication does not contain the name of the university or any reference to copyright information.  However, the index page states "November, 1951 Vol. 13 No. 2" with many of the same editorial staff member from the February 1951 issue.  [JAM 7/13/2020]


Cover - Hugging couple - man has lipstick on his cheek and a pacifier in his mouth
1   Dullard Book Club (ad parody; drawing by Don Peterson)
2   Lox (ad parody for feminine hygiene product) & Index (13 articles are shown but all are fake)
3   Mom (ad parody for deodorant)
4   Vice to the Loveworn
6   Your Movie Guide
7   What to tell your Daughter & Can a husband ever tell a Sensitive wife this truth?
8   Loads of Odes (poetry)
10 My David Was an Idiot
12 Are College Campuses Corrupt?
16 In Lust We Trust
18 Premarital Dating Yes or No?
20 I Was a Female Prowler
22 Ad parodies (Midget Radio, Kurdash Eye-Dye, Infant Nurses!, Honeymoon Love Drops, Wrinkles? Don't Worry!)
23 He Almost Proposed
24 Dining: Etiquette
25 You can play at home
26 The latest Good Health News
30 Kiddie Kare Kolumn
32 Ad parodies (Slops weight-loss formula, false teeth cement, Seratanas for young wives)