Time (Douglas C. Kenney and Henry N. Beard) - Harvard Lampoon - 1969 - 96 pages


After publication of the parody classic, Bored of the Rings, and before the start of their humor magazine. National Lampoon, Kenney (1946-1980) and Beard acted as senior editors for an ambitious parody of Time magazine.  Fellow classmate, Robert Hoffman was treasurer for the parody, and then followed Kenney and Beard to National Lampoon as its business expert.  During an interview in the NL days, Kenney claimed that he could write a story about anything at any time.  His and Beard's talents are evident here as weekly news issues are delivered in rambling filibuster style but with a degree of articulation that almost makes sense.  Writing credits are not given but the Kenney/Beard style is obvious throughout.  The parody is very Time-like until page 52 when the magazine starts to resemble the National Lampoon to come with "Flesh in the Footlights" and later "Does Sex Sell Magazines?"  Appropriately, an advertisement for the new NL magazine appears directly after the "Flesh" feature between pages 56 and 57.  This parody is much better than most of the college humor magazines of the time, but falls far short of the humor of National Lampoon from 1970 to 1975 until Kenney and then Beard phased themselves out of the process.  While most of the departments covered standard news jokes, I believe the best of the lot is the new sport, "Elefruit" that appears in the "Sport" department. [JAM 10/21/2016]

Front Cover - Newsstand where all magazines have the same cover photo by Fred Schulze ("Does Sex Sell Magazines?")
4 - Time Listings: Television; Cinema; Theater; Books
11 - Letters
13 - Index, Credit and A Letter From the Publisher (Henry Lunch III)
17 - The Nation: The Fracas on Frankfurter Ridge; If at First You Don't Succeed: Nixon's Third Trip Abroad; The Supreme Court; The Mafia; The Mafia; The City; New York; Space Travel; Israel: Eminent Domain Along the Road to Peace; An Arabic Lexicon; Italy; The Sino=Soviet Board; Red China: The Prob;ems Behind the Rice Paddies; The Congo; India
24 - Time Essay: What's so Bad about Being Middle-Clash Only?
39 - People
40 - Behavior: Drugs; Language; The Planets; Archaeology
46 - Milestones
50 - Education: Universities; Cloudy Days for Fair Harvard
52 - The Theater: Flesh in the Footlights: Brave Nude World or Same Old Skin Games
58 - Environment: Conservation
60 - Music: Rock 'N Roll
62 - Sport: Elefruit; Bridge; Sailing
66 - A Time-Louis Harris Poll: America's Changing Morality: Tarnish on the Golden Rule
68 - Medicine: Surgery; Disease; Cancer; Virology
73 - The Press: Does Sex Sell Magazines?
74 - Business: Do Nice Guys Finish Last?; Air Travel; Research; Advertisements; Mergers And Aquisitions [sic]; World Trade
80 - Art: Painting (drawings by Josie); Sculpture; Architecture
83 - Religion: Fundamentalism; Roman Catholics
84 - The Law: Constitutional Law; Torts
88 - Cinema: New Movies
91 - Television: The New Season
92 - Books: Tomfoolery; Coitus Delecti; Hope for the Bedbugged
Back Cover - Budweiser (real ad)