Time (Richard A. Spencer) - Harvard Lampoon - 1965 - 28 pages


The theme of this parody is "Searching for Saigon" while the war in Vietnam was raging without end in sight.  The cover shows "General" Maxwell Green sitting in a small boat with a Vietnamese native and a map.  As noted in one of the magazine's letters, the "General" ... "has only one chevron ... making him a private, first class ..."  The theme continues into the "Foreign Relations" section which states that the entire country of Vietnam is missing with nothing but water between Laos and China.  This would be an appropriate subject for any college humor magazine of the day as this highly unpopular war would continue for ten more years and three more presidencies until the Fall of Saigon in April 1975.  This might be the weakest of Lampoon parodies of the 1960s as most of the text reads like a bad filibuster and a cascade of words used as fillers for an otherwise attractive package.  The editors do find two ways to plug their excellent 77-page, 1962 parody of a James Bond novel (Alligator).  The book has now been made into a fake movie per "Cinema" listings on page 2.  And, the "Modern Living" section prattles on about "aerosol bomb containers" and concludes somehow on page 21 that "those who are in with the college set ... must be knowledgeable on ... Harvard Lampoon's spoof on I*n Fl*m*ng's work ... Alligator (that) has sold 100,000 copies ..."  My suggestion is that the wise reader should seek the Bond parody instead of this Time Lampoon.  There are a lot of words on these 28 pages, mostly suitable for insomniacs.  [JAM 10/27/2016]

Front Cover - Photograph of General Maxwell Green in boat
2 - Time Listings
5 - Letters
7 - Editorial (Richard A. Spencer), editorial staff and index
9 - The Nation: Foreign Relations
11 - The World: Common Market; Red China; United Nations
12 - The Hemisphere: Panama
14 - People
15 - Education: Colleges; Kindergartens
16 - Music: Symphony; Popular; Opera
17 - Milestones; Show Business: Broadway
18 - Science: Health; Population
19 - Art: Painting; The Market
20 - Modern Living: Packaging
21 - Fashion
22 - The Law: Criminal Justice; Corporations
23 - Cinema
24 - Royalty: Grand Dukes; Pretenders
25 - Sports: Football; Athletic Briefs; Scoreboard
26 - Religion: Anglicans; Roman Catholics
Back Cover - Design Research (real ad)