78 Sports: New-Look Orioles Putting a Scare into AL
80 Health: Why Isn't Johnny Doing His Homework by "X.P. Nipsquod and Leonard/Typesetting Department"
81 Medicine: Are Our Hospitals Safe? by "Gravid Gravid Withers"
82 Music: Why the Big Suit? by "Quintus Septimus Loopy"
83 Crime: Circus of Death by Desmond Devlin
85 Philosophy: Dialectic Between Relativism and Absolutism Found by "Lucky Luigi Luchese"
86 Middlebrow Reading by "Horton Haul-Ass Lautrec" (drawings by Lauren MacMullan)
91 Object Notes; Milestones
92 Dance: Candid Cannon by "Floyd Sure-Shot Honeycut III"
93 Theater: 2B or not 2B by " Zenith Laptop"
95 Animal Notes
96 Essay: Some People, and Others by Ico Pyer (drawing by Lauren MacMullan)
Back Cover - Pontiac (real ad)