Tilt (C. Vern Dinges III) - Michigan State Spartan - January 27, 1953


This is a fairly ordinary college parody of Time magazine.  There are few drawings as obscure photos are generally used with fake articles written with a 1950s sense of humor.  The best items were the two-page "Pipley's Believe It, You Slob!" parody and Mona Lisa smoking a cigarette on page 31.  It was also interesting to see an early photo of Ernie Kovacs (as Percy Dovetonsils) who was identified as "Mario Paparella" - "a retired Sicilian dope peddler ... having an obscene international affair with the obese but naive Gretchen Schlutheimer of Austria ..."  I give credit to the editorial staff of Spartan for making this look like a national magazine.  [JAM 7/31/2020]


Front Cover - Man of the Year (feet)
1   Stutz Bearcat (ad parody)
2   Letters
3   Index; Big Benjamin (ad parody)
5   A Letter From The Publisher
7   National Affairs
12  Hemisphere
13  Music
14  News in Pictures
16  People
17  Personality (Cover Story) - "Man of the Year" (George Aardvark)
19  Education
20  Pipley's Believe It, You Slob! (parody)
22  Radio & TV
26  Cinema
27  Tilt Pic (Sparty Pics - Ronna Wagner)
28  Medicine
29  Sport
30  Art
31  Public Favorites (Mona Lisa smoking a cigarette)
32  Miscellany