These Truths: A History of the United States (Jill Lepore) - W.W. Norton & Company - 2018 - 932 pages

This is the history book that you did not have in high school.  Author Lepore tells the history you know and the story behind that history that is rarely told.  Specifically, the author examines the history of minority suffrage that is a direct result of an inadequate constitution.  With slavery and voter suppression, black citizens have suffered the most in this country; but women, immigrants and gay citizens have been unfairly treated over the centuries as well.  Lepore tells the history of the United States with impartiality and exhaustive documentation.  This book adds 200 pages to my high school history book plus 96 pages of documented footnotes and a 43-page index.  The book should be a fixture in the library of all serious history students.  I learned more in three weeks with this book than I did in all of the history classes I took.  [JAM 1/15/2020]