Sub-Marine Man (Roy Thomas and Wally Wood) - Topps Krazy Little Comics (8 pages - 2.3" x 3.5")

The front page is a parody of the classic cover of the Sub-Mariner #11 comic book from 1943.  Sub-Marine Man is inside the mouth of the sea monster that he cannot see.

Page 2 - Prince Name-It, wearing an "Imperial" crown, is ready for "super-doing."  A sardine says "Holy Mackerel!"

Page 3 - Sub-Marine Man defeats Lord Klang while a "loan shark" lurks.  Fish are singing.

Page 4 - Subbie, with fish tattoo on chest, defeats giant, derby-wearing octopus.  A singing "card shark swims by the action.

Page 5 - The Prince grabs a giant fish hook.  Signs point to "ebb tide" and "hog tide" and "shad row" and "skid row."

Page 6 - Sub-Marine Man is hooked and lost his shorts while being pulled to the surface.  His aquatic friend claims to like "Warlard Klang" better anyway.

Page 7 - The Price is placed in a fish tank in an aquarium.  Somehow, he got his shorts back. 

Page 8 - Back page is an ad parody for the venus fly trap that eats pastrami sandwiches and math teachers.