Starship Titanic (Terry Jones) - The Digital Village and Simon and Schuster Interactive - 1997 (245 pages)

This book, by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, was written based on one sentence by Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, etc.): " ... the Starship Titanic had, shortly into its maiden voyage, undergone Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure (SMEF)."

On the planet Blerontin, the "Greatest Starship in the History of the Universe" was one day from its historic launch when its creator ("Greatest Genius the Galaxy Had Ever Known") and one journalist discovered that the project manager and the accountant had conspired to sabotage the ship and collect the insurance money.  The construction of Titanic had already brought financial ruin to the entire planet of Yassacca, the original contractors who were subsequently replaced by a minority contractor, AUTMCU (Amalgamated Unmarried Teenage Mothers' Construction Units).  The starship is equipped with an array of specialized robots, including the gondolier who transports guests to first-class accommodations.

When the greatest genius confronts the saboteurs, a battle ensues triggering the SMEF.  The Titanic eventually lands on Earth of all places and attracts three dim-witted earthlings who find a way to re-launch the ship, trigger an intelligent bomb, and earn millions of frequent-flyer miles.  The book is crisply-written by one of the funniest men in any galaxy.  I give it nine pnedes on the Blerontinian scale.

Silly name fans will enjoy the Yassaccan Special Assault Crew names as introduced by Captain Bolfass on pages 151-152: "And these are Corporals Yarktak, Edembop, Raguliten, Desembo, Luntparger, Forzab, Kakit, Zimwiddy, Duterprat, Kazitinker- Rigipitil, Purzenhakkken, Roofcleetop, Spanglowiddin, Buke-Hammadorf, Bunzlywotter, Brudelhampon, Harzimwodl, Unctimpoter, Golholiwol, Dinseynewt, Tidoloft, Cossimiwip, Onecrocodil, Erklehammerdrat, Inchbewigglit, Samiliftodft, Buke-Willinujit (he's a half cousin by marriage of Buke-Hammadorf) ... Barnzipewt ... Spighalliwiller, Memsiportim, Itkip, Harlorfreytor, Pullijit, Beakelmemsdork, Uppelsaftat, Bukhumster, Rintineagelbun, Bootintuk, Poodalasvan, Sumpcreetorkattelburt ... [Captain was interrupted.]  Spell-check did not like any of these. [JAM 4/4/2009]