Sports Imitated (Steve Lavapies) - Boulevard Books/Comedy Central - 1996 - 80 pages

While this book claims to be a parody of Sports Illustrated 's "Swimsuit Issue", it is really just a lame excuse to sell some photos of scantily-clad models in conjunction with some silly, fake stories written by TV writer & producer, Steve Lavapies.  The product also claims to be connected with Comedy Central, a cable television station that received minor notice until Jon Stewart agreed to host The Daily Show in 1999.  This writing gig seemed to be a dead end for Mr. Lavapies whose main claim to fame has been as "co-executive producer" for Country Fried Planet in 2008, and three episodes as "supervising producer" for Betty White's Off Their Rockers in 2012.  The cover shows a swimsuit model wearing three lettuce leaves.  But, it is all downhill from there.  Sports Imitated fails two of the main requirements of a successful magazine parody: 1. It should look like the original and, 2. It should be funny. [JAM 12/30/2016]

Front Cover - Model wearing lettuce-bikini on horseback
Inside Front Cover - Model on bull
1 - Contents
2 - To Our Readers
3 - Supermodel Wanda Lint
4 - Letters
6 - Alphabet City
8 - Beauty and Tar Beach by Larry Durrell
10 - Aryana: The Uber Suoermodel by Tiger Lowenstein
14 - Do You Have What It Takes to be a Swimsuit Supermodel?
16 - Bike Messenger
18 - Sully: The Girl of the Moment by J. Mortimer Travis III
22 - Five Stories Above Bleecker and Greene
24 - Swimsuit Roadtest by by Dr. Sara Lipschitz
28 - Washington Square Park
30 - Wanda: Portrait of a Plucky Girl by Frank Desoto
34 - Welcome to the Big Apple
36 - Look Like a Supermodel by Willow Kattie
40 - Volga on the Subway
44 - Fish out of Water: The Manhattan Expedition by Rumsey Butterfield
48 - New York City Water Sports
50 - Volga: Just Off the Boat by Doris Bland
54 - Volga Eats
58 - The Making of ... A Piece of American History by Shirley Greenhorn
62 - Gravel and Dirt Make Wanda Hot
64 - The Swumsuit Mystique by Trip Manley
66 - Coney Island Girls
68 - When Supermodels Ruled the Earth by Sheila Curbside
72 - Hood Ornament
74 - Hoopskirt Dreams by Donna Kram
76 - Fleet's In
78 - Point After: What It's Worth to Us by Chip Whitebread III
80 - Credits
Back Cover - Lightning Bolt Bikini Model