Sports Illstated (Rick Wolff) - Andrews and McMeel - 1991 - 96 pages

This book is the best parody of a sports magazine I have ever read.  The heart of the publication is the 24 pages about the 1991 major league baseball season.  An excellent staff of writers display their sharp knowledge of the sport and fill each article with timely, well-designed jokes.  After baseball, the editors add nearly-equal humor for professional golf, football, "uphill skiing", basketball, dogsled racing, horse racing and boxing.  In addition to sports parodies, the editors have added a dozen excellent advertisement parodies including "The 1991 Econo-Box", "Jokey" and "NordicSnack".  To their credit, the Andrews and McMeel gang took paid (or free ads?) mostly from charitable organizations.  Full-page ads for National Multiple Sclerosis Society, National Conference of Christians and Jews, the Forest Service, Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, American Red Cross, Environmental Defense Fund, United Way, United Negro College Fund, etc. are a welcome relief from the normal ads usually found in such publications.  This parody is also loaded with jokes about (now president-elect) Donald Trump because of his marital and financial problems at the time. [JAM 1/10/2017]

Front Cover - Jose Canseco
1  Absolutely Bombed (ad parody)
2  Contents
4  From the Publisher (Donna Martin)
6  Letters
7  The 1991 Econo-Box (ad parody)
10 Books by "Ron Fimwrong"
11 Cash (ad parody)
12 On the Scene - And They Call Him ... Mr. Mold by "Oscar Madison"
16 Spotlight - The Seduction of Sweat, Spikes and Spit: One Man's Life by "Fools Rushin"
18 Jokey (ad parody)
19 Scorecard by "Craig Nerfball"
20 Pigskin cartoon by Steve Moore
22 Baseball Preview - Another Year, A Lot of Dollars, A Lot of Oh-Fers ... And a Lot of Losers by "Peter Gammarays"
29 NordicSnack (ad parody)
36 American Excess (ad parody)
38 The Greening of Baseball by "Hank Hercheybar"
40 Churlton (ad parody)
43 Getting Down And Dirty (drawing by Karren Loeb)
45 Wild Pigeon (ad parody)
46 The 1991 Trump U.S. Open: What's Good for the Geese is Good for the Geezers by "William Emmy Johnson"
51 Gromane (ad parody)
52 Super Bowl XXV: Denver! At Last! by "Dr. ZZZZZZ"
54 Beating the Odds (drawing by Karren Loeb)
55 Sports Illstated for Kids (ad parody)
56 Buddy Ryan: Nun's the Word by "Peter Kink"
60 Roar, Lion, Roar? Why Columbia Keeps on Losing by "Leif O'Reilly"
62 Sports Illstated Jock Phone (ad parody)
66 Olympic Preview - Uphill Skiing: Ain't No Mountain High Enough by "Franz Lisps"
68 Hardly a Mickey Mouse Affair by "Alexander Wuff"
73 Macrotgut (ad parody)
75 Inside Basketball
76 The 1991 Iditarod Challenge Race Goes Big Time by "E.M. Slow"
79 Television - Kiner Korner Katastrophies by "Slap Maxwell"
80 Ouija Way Did They Go? by "William Nicknack"
84 Sports Illstated 1991 Sportsman of the Year Don King by "Douglas S. Looneytoon" (drawing by Murray Tinkelman)
90 Book Bonus - The Dictionary of Sports Slang by "Peter Dyckhead"
93 ESPZ's Sports Week
95 For the Record
96 Point After - Pigskin Prognostication is Prophetic by "Curried Kirkpatrick"
Back Cover - Dawers' White Label (ad parody)