Slime (Ernie Hueter) - University of Missouri Showme - February 1942 - 24 pages

This Time magazine parody issue of the Missouri campus humor publication was issued shortly after the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into World War II.  The cover shows a drawing of "General Suzuki Motoyohsi" [apparently a misspelling of a common Japanese name] who is "so velly sorry".  There are several references to the war in Slime but most of the written content is short, corny jokes.  I could not find a good one to cite here but the following summarizes college humor of the day: "The business of thinking up jokes has got us a little bit daunted.  The ones you want, we can't print and the ones we print aren't wanted".  Although the humor is really stale, the interesting parts of the magazine are the real ads and the war jokes/reports.  The "Foreign Affairs" section on page three briefly discusses war activities in Ethiopia, Russia and China; and then offers "Schicklegruber Speaks" quoting Hitler with nonsense German ("... in bed mit pretzels ...", etc.) adjacent to an excellent, uncredited drawing of the German leader.  Foreign Affairs is followed by "On The War Front" making fun of Mussolini ("Signor Benito Mucilage"), misguided Axis forces, and ("Feeture") "Pacific Ocean fish ... (troubled by) ... Jap subs".  On the same page are two domestic jokes [divorce & water/beer] plus a real ad for Pepsi-Cola ("America's Biggest Nickel's Worth").  The remaining pages return to bad jokes with some fairly good drawings by artists listed as a group: Basil Hartwell, Ned Etheridge, Russ Burg, John Bruce, Bill McAdam, Ben Rogers and Joe Shy.  The inside front cover and the back cover are full-page, full-color cigarette advertisements for Chesterfield ("always Milder and Better-Tasting always Cooler-Smoking") and Camel ("The smoke of slower-burning Camels contains 28% less nicotine than the average of the 4 other largest-selling brands tested ..."), respectively.  The humor in Slime was certainly inferior to that of Harvard Lampoon but apparently it fulfilled the demand for Missouri campus laughs in 1942.  [JAM 2/21/2015]

Front Cover - General Suzuki Motoyohsi
Inside Front Cover - Chesterfield cigarettes (real ad)
1  Ohanna; Boozum Pal Brand Bras; Shux Soap (ad parodies)
2  Letters
3  Foreign Affairs
4  On the War Front
6  News on Campus
7  National Affairs
8  People
9  Jokes and Cartoons
10 Airplane cartoon
11 Magician cartoon
13 Ghost cartoon by Trent
14 "You're in the Army Now!" cartoons
15 Hockey cartoon by Howard Burland; Angry student cartoon
16 Basketball cartoon; Skiing cartoon by Ben Roth
18 People; Cinema; Social
19 Japan; War
20 Art; Radio
21 Science
22 Fashions
23 Sport Spurts
24 Women
Back Cover - Camel cigarettes (real ad)