Sky Maul (Rob Baedeker, Dan Klein, James Reichmuth & John Reichmuth) - Thomas Dunne Books - 2006 - 125 pages

This book was written by a San Francisco comedy group named "Kasper Hauser" that also plays jazz music.  It is a parody of Sky Mall, that airplane catalog of strange, expensive items that nobody needs (i.e. "Happy crap you can buy from a plane!").  [JAM 11/20/2016]

Front Cover - "You need ALL this stuff" quote from Dave Barry
8 A Message from SkyMaul's CEO ("Jerry Panda")
9 Reality-Canceling Headphones
10 iPod Shredder
11 Banana-ganizer!; Bandana-ganizer!; Whore-ganizer!
12 Electric Dream Catcher
13 Face Melter!; Facial Aquarium
14 DayTripper Animal Time Machine; Drinking Age Time Zone Watch; Kooky Sun Dial
15 Llamacycle; Hummer 4
16 Japanese Thank-You Toilet; Bird Zapper; Bee Thermometer
17 Forehead DVD Player
18 Ear Antennae; Ball Scale
19 Wolf Hitler Light
20 Pancake Trumpet; His and Hers Fire Extinguishers
21 Electronic Hair-Salon-Naming Computer
22 Air Straightener
24 Stroller Mower; Sixty-Year Timer
25 Milk Vacuum
26 Homeless Robot; Jackoff Kit
27 Pepper Self-Spray
28 Hybrid Magnet; Camel Toe Eraser
29 Exercise Potty; Temper-Pedic Casket
30 No-Work Chair; SnoGlobe Safe
31 Garden Emoti-Gnomes
32 Lion-Mouth Pee Shower; Veterinarian Figurines
33 White Chocolate Black-Power Fist; Edible Abe Woman Head
34 Giant Pot Pipe; Ancient Retard Sculpture
35 Racial Harmony Photo; Gay Egg; Chinese Acne Poster
36 Carve Your Own Chess Set
38 Sunrise Poster
39 Flower Anger Poster; Mountain Lake Motivator
40 Philosophy Poster
41 Atheist Inspirational Poster
42 Lawsuit Deterrent Posters
43 Failing Business Poster
44 Inflatable Ten Commandments Monument; Big Bible
45 OTC Lotion
46 Tweaker Cross; Smooth Beads
47 Tranny World Airlines (ad parody)
48 iPeasant Ren Faire Planning Software
49 Food Fight of the Month Club; Fingernail Vitamins
50 Poison Anti-Aging Kit; Dorm Room "Plant of the Month" Subscription Service
51 Medical Test Results Fortune Cookies
52 Moby Dick Hamster Coffin; Da Vinci Code Decoder Ring
53 Australian Thinking Hat; Stoner Welding Kit
54 Nazi Grandpa Locator; Eye Pillow
55 French Postbike; Porcelain Crap; Tribal Bowling Ball Jug
56 Don't Ask Medal; U.S. Freedom Coin
57 Coin Disposal; Snore-Buster Civil War Cannon
58 Beluga-quarium; Racial Globe Toaster
59 Louis XIV Fart Chair; Step Stool; "Twin Towers" Media Storage Center
60 Hummer 5; Hot Dog Shooter
61 Uncle Terry's Sled; Uncle Terry's Bullet Boat
62 Metal Detector Walking Aids
64 Robot-Canine
65 Lindbergh Doll; Apocalypse Now Kitten Toy
66 JFK Toy Building; Kids' Graffiti Set
67 Safest Jungle Gym; Social Darwin Gene Pool; Throwing Soaps
68 Fat Alcoholic Neddy Bear; Vintage Micky; Heavy Duty Leap Frog Suits
69 Homeschool Popsicles; Karate Belt-ganizer
70 Weapons of Destruction
71 Motocross Boots; Fantasy Slippers; Llama Legs
72 Buddhist Racing Sandals
73 Flask; Clubs
74 Work Mask and Tights; Motel Buddy; Real Dolphin
75 "Jesus Talks Business" Audio Books; Bean Safe
76 Job Seeker Decoy Kit; Drug Ledger
77 Sword of the Stone (ad parody)
78 Backyard PMS Bungalow
79 Purple Dog Tester
80 Sky Monkees
81 Mermaid Kit; Dog Letters
82 Tiger Arm Extender; Vicious Dog Air Trainer
83 Poodle Shaver
84 "Off My Back" Relationship-Book Summaries
86 Executive Bullfrog Pump
87 Law Library
88 Young Grandma Yardwork Set; Madison Mailbox; Apology Snapper
89 Vegan Scarer; Holy Orange Stone; Petrified Frozen Yogurt
90 Broom Club
91 Poetic Garden Bench; Happy/Sad Sun Face
92 Gopher Stompers; Grave Boat
93 Wicker Spaniel Trap; Hummingbird Poisoner
94 Blaine Cardoza's Three Pillars to Achieving World Record Happiness
96 Rat Appetizer; Corn Recobber
97 Food Date Stamp; Blueberry Muffin of the Month Club
98 Potato Famine Game; The Puzzler
99 Crack Pipe Chess Set; Jumble Book
100 Andean Mouth Flute; Elf Guitar; Hand-Painted Khryzeki Buzjlaleizkas
101 Men's Skin-Tone Band; Giant Wine Glass
102 Get-out-of-Cult Phone Card; Junta Backpack; Hamster Ring
103 Mary-and-Spock Stained Glass Window; Argument-Starter Ornament
104 Money Printing Press; Adultery Detector
105 2-DADZ Role-Playing Kit
106 Cow Charger; Hummer 6
107 Mind Bender Time Device; Gay Wormhole
108 Gold Basketball Maker; Hot Dog Catcher
109 Trilobyte Golf Club Covers; Chocolate Racehorse
110 Skindiving Wristwatch; Tweaker Bike
111 Cop Yoga Instructional Video
112 Stormtrooper Dildo; Charlie Chaplin Sex Toy; Flat-Dick Condoms
113 The Puzzler; Vegan Dildo; Ball-Pressure Meter
114 Mistress of the White House Doll Collection
116 Crossword Puzzle
119 Harvard Type Vocabulary Word Power
120 Customer Relations Message
121 Order Form/Customer Survey

Sky Maul 2 - 2014 - 127 pages

This one is almost as good as the first one. [JAM 11/30/2016]

Front Cover - "Where America Buys His Stuff"
6 A Message from SkyMaul's CEO (Jerry Ponda?)
7 Breastfeeding Mask
8 Food Box
9 Dolphin Strap-on Cowboy Legs
10 Wearable Coatrack; Bee Water Dish; Paintball Nuke
11 Catbox Dome
12 Garbage Detector
13 Dinosaur Testicle; Satanist Van
14 Mastering Tetherball (training DVDs, set of 24)
16 Condo Pony
17 Travel Pineapple; Dog Hooves; Sonic Whole-Head Cleaner
18 Sock Cooker; Teen Timeout Tank
19 Cat-Projector
20 Cave Repainting Set
21 Shyness Mask; Un-Magic Five Ball
22 Humangbird Feeder; Who Cares Hat
23 Forever Diaper
24 Digital Head Band
25 Drowned Pet Memorial Beach Marker; Giant Cocoons
26 Lion Posters
28 Around-the-World Binoculars
29 Tarot Jog Deck; Train Simulator
30 LARP Energy Bar
31 Clarinet Bong; Choblet; Henway
32 Scarecrow Apology Kit
33 Knuckle Hospital (ad parody)
34 Alcoholics' Neck Brace; Where is India Statue; Buttscope
35 Spraydown
36 Mind Eraser
37 Standing Desk
38 Time-Release Spaghetti Sauce; World's Smallest Lock; Rat Confessional
39 Reusable Suck-Chip
40 Cold Sore Cuddlies
41 Baby-Drawn Chariot; Drug Dog
42 Cow Smoothie; Cat Food Cake
43 Paper Crumpler
44 It's Just Bed Bugs (dating ad parody)
45 Taxidermy Set
46 Anti-Slouching Brace; Depressed Mood Ring
47 Leopard Snuff; Farting Doll
48 Prehistoric Doorknob; 13-Card Deck
49 iWheelbarrow; Great Pine Cones of Literature
50 All-Weather Dunce Cap
51 Big Rock; Butt Key
52 Sulphur Hound
53 Chicken Water (ad parody)
54 Equator
55 "Birds of the World" Gift Basket; Charm Kebab
56 Ship-in-a-Bottle Removal Tool
58 Laptop Dangle
59 Compound Cupid Bow; Mosquito Ear Net; Bin Laden Toilet Paper
60 Emergency Help-Screamer; Reading Dog
61 1-800-555-INJURED-YEP (ad parody)
62 Pet Thermometer; Artisanal Poison
63 Tweaker Fishing Set
64 Sheepskin Coat; Lip-Matching Tie
65 Concubina cologne for cats (ad parody)
66 Mating Sounds of the Pegacorn
67 Super-Long Stethoscope
68 Flutelok
69 FindMyFlute
70 Two-Volume Marriage Guide - Vol. I: Clown Your Way to a Better Marriage; Vol. II: Making It Work: Living in Your Mazda with a Chimpanzee
71 Not a Solar Car Kit
72 Forked Hyena Loader; STD Celebration Kit
73 Camping Coma Pills
74 Puppy Hot Air Balloon
75 Design Your Own Coat of Arms
76 Watch That Asks What Time It Is
77 Purple Snort; Dress Like a Dentist
78 Personality Alert Bracelet
80 Smokable Droid Penis
81 Drunken Grandpa Statue; Two-Inch Tape Measure
82 Molar Necklace
83 SantaGard
84 Stork Meat
85 Become a Police Dog (ad parody)
86 Daddy Decoy; Hot Dog Clock
87 Lawnmower Breathalyzer
88 Nunchuk Spray; Shake Pills
89 Condom Collection
90 Icelandic President Boots; Australian Hat
91 Pointless Cap; Downwardly Mobile Jacket
92 See-Through Whiteboard; Excer-Snazzle
93 Corn-Stopper Helmet; Ardu9o
94 Pizza Sundial; Yoghanta
95 Online Dating Profile Photo Kit
96 Gnome Strangler; Bullet-Allowing Vest
97 Hot Gun; Concussion Therapy Doll
98 Forces of Nature Family Battle Pack
99 Guitar Pulper; Noise-Free Wind Chimes
100 Christmas Ornaments Chess Set
102 Pocket Dentist; Carpool Lane Dummy
103 Self-Cleaning Bib
104 Penis Remover
105 Coin Sock
106 Brazil-Nut Incinerator
107 Performance Fitness System
108 Baby Seal Club; Nicotine Hamburger
109 Karaoke Speeches
110 Kids Page
112 Fossil Maker
113 Hesopl of Naz Action Figure; Giant Japanese Play Potato
114 Eco-toy; Universal Remote
115 Hamster Space Burial Kit
116 Trapper Tom in Blown by the Spirit of the Sun Bear: A Legend Awakens (cartoon story); Survival Kidz Wilderness Jamble
118 This Guy (cookie?)
119 Message from SkyMaul Customer Relations Team
120 (blank)
121 Acknowledgments
122 (blank)
123 About the Authors
124 Photo Credits
126 (blank)
127 (blank)