The Second Sleep (Robert Harris) - Alfred A. Knopf - 2019 - 298 pages

800 years after some apocalyptic event (global warming, pandemic, Russian hackers?), the worldwide electrical grid has still not been restored.  Humankind has reverted to a quiet agrarian, Iron Age existence ruled everywhere by theocracies.  People have watches and guns but there are no extension cords to be found.  In fact, anyone who even hints at a technological past is literally branded as a heretic.  But, one young, naive priest finds some evidence of that past and eventually locates some other believers in the sleepy town of Addicott St. George somewhere in the rural UK.  In spite of numerous plot flaws, this book is a page turner and nobody knows where the author is going until the very end.  At the end, I wanted an epilog to resolve the loose ends.  Perhaps there will be a sequel.  [JAM 8/23/2020]