The Saturday Evening Pest (Robert S. Rothenberg) - University of Pennsylvania Highball - 1957 - 28 pages

These guys knew how to do a college parody.  Make the articles short and as silly as possible.  Get in and get out quickly any way you can.  The editors noted that The Saturday Evening Post and the University of Pennsylvania were both started by Benjamin Franklin.  So, it was appropriate to do this parody with old Ben on the cover.  After the mandatory amenities - contents, letters, editorial ("Chaos, Anarchy, and Communism shall be vanquished for the good of the world."), they jumped right into a hard-hitting story ("How Big Stick, Pennsylvania Conquered Juvenile Delinquency").  In effect, after Big Stick tried everything including the banning of comic books and dancing, they just eliminated the juveniles.  The first piece of fiction ("Showdown") finds our cowardly Marshall Rawhide Brett face-to-face with Four-gun Zibolowski (capable of shooting 24 men at a time).  Fortunately, Delicate Del shot first and severed Four-gun's belt (end of story).  Next is a romance offering ("Elevator to Paradise") with Hedda Trueheart finding love with the new elevator boy who happens to be a college friend of the secretary-chasing boss (Farley Thimk).  It turns out that Elevator Joe is really rich and only pretending to be poor.  And, they both love claustrophobic spooning (happy ever after).  And then it's back to the westerns with "Fury at Apache Butte" (part VIII of XIV).  Lance Sterling of the U.S. cavalry is trapped between Black Jack Mack and Snarling Buffalo and his renegades.  Lance decides to shoot it out.  End of Chapter VIII.  Now back to a romance ("Joy For Geraldine") who goes to the big city (New York) from Faraway Falls, North Dakota.  Joy finds love with big-city Bart Bartlett.  They go dancing.  Joy loses Bart to "a stunning woman with sleek black hair".  Joy calls home-town Harvey to rescue her.  Joys falls back in love with Harvey but then learns that Bart's sleek-black-haired woman was really his mother.  THE END.  The parody moves quickly from one joke to the next.  The only misplaced article is "Battle at Unfortunate University" telling the story of the coach hired from Subnormal State - a huge waste of words.  The silliness and an ample supply of cartoon parodies make this 1957 Pest one of the best humor publications to arise from an eastern college in the 1950s.  [JAM 9/1/2015]

Front Cover - Ben Franklin bust in beanie (painting by Emanuel Reider)
Inside Front Cover - Franklin drawing by RS
1  Contents
2  Letters
4  Editorial
7  How Big Stick, Pennsylvania Conquered Juvenile Delinquency by Bob Rothenberg and Buzz Baron
9  Showdown by William Raser (drawing by J. Windolf)
10 American Youth by George Satterthwaite (pictorial)
12 Elevator to Paradise by Margot J. Freedman (drawing by Alan Klein)
14 Fury at Apache Butte by Luke Warme (drawings by Alan Klein)
16 Joy for Geraldine by Eleanor Bergstein (drawing by Manny Reider)
18 Post Scripts by Warren Link and Bob Rothenberg (jokes & poems - cartoons by JackWindolf)
19 Battle at Unfortunate University by Melvin Farman and Gerald A. Hirschhorn
20 The Perfect Squelch by Bobanjer (drawing by Reider)
21 You Be The Judge by Bobanjer (drawing by Reider)
22 So You Think You Know Baseball by John Wright (drawing by J. Windolf)
23 Famous Last Words (cartoon by Reider)
24 Can You Name This Star? by Bobanjer (drawing by ER)
25 Cartoons by Reider
26 Bazel by Dick Bell (Hazel parody cartoon)
28 Keeping Pestered (coming attractions, etc.)
Back Cover - Salem cigarettes (real ad)