The Saturday Evening Most (Elliot Krane & Phil Yedinsky) - Penn State Froth - March 21, 1950 - 56 pages

Although this college magazine parody is dominated by paid advertisements, there are some examples of early ad parodies.  On page two is the ad for "Cosmopolitan Insurance Company" with agent "Ed Physic" promising policies "maturing at age 130".  The ad concludes with: "Let Cosmopolitan give you the shaft!" On page 23 is the "Crambowel's Vegetable-Beef Soup" ad featuring "pieces of starved beef ... undernourished vegetables ... mingled in a pasty gruel".  The "Hart Trotsky & Marx" ad on the next page shows a gentleman wearing a potato sack "priced at $169.69".  The next parody ad is on page 30 for "Sarlasob" which "is lousy for your skin" - "Use it also for soothing relief of windburn, nausea, peratinitis [sic], and the measles".  Other parody ads are for "Fickelson File Co.", "Ratler Hotels" and "Awow Shorts" ("No chafing ... No crotch!").  The "Letters" page includes comments from Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and John Dillinger (1903-1934).  The main editorial warns about the influx of Eisenhowers as college presidents with Penn State President Milton (1899-1985), Columbia President Dwight (1890-1969), and "five more sons waiting to be presidents of colleges".  The major fiction works in the issue are: "She Who Hesitates by Elizabeth Barrett Levitt", "Vengeful Varment by Luke Cowan Short", "The Lady Who Came to Dinner by Leslie Chevrolet", and "Tugboat Fanny's Tide Goes Out by Norman Really Pours".  The other significant Saturday Evening Post jokes are about stories that are continued from various places.  "Jungle Drums (is) continued from Jan. 27 issue".  "The Bridge (is) continued from Nowhere".  "Lineman to the Last (is) continued from Last Week".  And, "The Whole Damn Family (is just) continued".  The artwork is amateurism but appropriate for the genre.  The college cigarette wars are continued with Camel promising "not one single case of throat irritation due to smoking Camels".  The Chesterfield ad features testimonials from actor Gregory Peck (1916-2003) "... and Jasper T. Carter, prominent tobacco farmer (who) says 'Chesterfield pays the top price to get the very best mild, ripe tobacco.  Chesterfield has been my cigarette for over 35 years".  The tobacco companies seemed to have a low opinion of the intellect of the college students of 1950.  [JAM 2/28/2015]

Front Cover - Lovers in the park with Indian boys in the bushes (painting by Alajalov MacIntire)
Inside Front Cover - Camel cigarettes (real ad)
2  Cosmopolitan Insurance Company (ad parody)
3  Index; The Lyin' Roar!
4  Letters to the Editors (drawings by JAE)
6  Editorials (drawing by MacIntire)
9  How the Reds Swiped My Government by Emanuel Cristos Immaculata Sanctife y Madre de Dios
10 She Who Hesitates by Elizabeth Barrett Levitt (drawing by M. Bowen)
12 Death for a Killer by Paul de Creep
14 Vengeful Varment by Luke Cowan Short (drawing by Pablo "Henry" Progar)
16 The Lady Who Came to Dinner by Leslie Chevrolet (drawings by MAC)
18 The Cities of America: State College by Lester D. Pester
20 Tugboat Fanny's Tide Goes Out by Norman Really Pours
22 Most Scripts (cartoon by George Wolfe Progar)
23 Crambowel' Vegetable-Beef Soup (ad parody - drawing by Vaughan)
24 Hart Trotsky & Marx (ad parody - drawing by H. Progar)
25 Buy-Lines by Nancy Sassy
26 Raging Passions! Raging Husband! (movie ad parody)
29 Cartoon by Wolfe Vaughan
30 Sarlasob (ad parody - drawing by Henry Progar)
32 Fickelson File Co. (ad parody)
33 Jungle Drums (continued from Jan. 27 issue)
34 Verse
35 You Be the Judge by Tort Please
36 Cartoon by Ketcham Vaughan
37 The Bridge (continued from Nowhere); The Perfect Squelch by Mrs. J.V. Team (drawing by Chon Vaughan)
38 Put It This Way by J.P. Franklin
39 Can You Spell Down Our Authors? by K.P. Kook
40 Lineman to the Last (continued from Last Week)
41 Cartoon by Follette Progar
42 What Would You Have Done?
43 The Most Exposes College Sex - Next Week's Most
44 Cartoon by Rea Vaughan
45 I'm Proud of this Picture by Margaret Bourke-Black
46 Famous Last Words (cartoon by Irwin German)
47 Verse
49 My Faithful Wife (continued from Hunger); The Perfect Squelch by Gregory Hammersmith Alcatraz (drawing by Crawford Vaughan)
50 American Monument
51 The Role I Liked Best by Margaret O'Phooey
52 Cartoon by Colcan Progar
54 Ratler Hotels (ad parody - drawings by G.A. Ryan)
55 Nazel (cartoon by G.B. Key)
56 Keeping Mosted; Awow Shorts (ad parody - drawings by Len)
Back Cover - Chesterfield cigarettes (real ad)