The Saturday Evening Lost (Jim Packer) - University of California Pelican - November 1958 - 32 pages

The best parts of this Pelican parody of The Saturday Evening Post, are the full-page, parodies of cigarette advertisements.  "Viceboy" is the cigarette for "the man who thinks for himself (and) knows that cigarettes aren't good for him."  And, "Chest-fiel" is the cigarette that will "start your cancer today!"  In the tradition of amateur humor, both ads show photos of actual cigarette packages with slight editorial correction using correction tape and erasers.  The editors of the Lost were well aware of the hazards of cigarette smoking in 1958.  They also knew that clever tobacco companies were flooding college campuses with their full-page ads mostly the back covers and the insides of the covers.  However, fulfilling their statement that "the thinking man likes money", they accepts the money of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company for the full-page ad for Salem cigarettes on the back cover.  This was a quick-and-dirty magazine parody with just a few SEP-type parody stories and some jabs at regular SEP featurettes.  The remainder of the 32-page Lost is filled normal college ads and too many really bad jokes.  Evidence of the influence of Mad magazine can be found on the Letters page with the following letter from "Alfred E. Nueman" [sic]: "The people who write your 'Letters to the Editor' should write the rest of your crumby magazine.  Yours madly".  [JAM 9/14/2015]

Front Cover - Painting of old man causing old woman ("Mrs. J. Parish") to spill her "groceries" by Norbert Beckwell (Norman Rockwell parody)
Inside Front Cover - Viceboy (ad parody)
1  Letters
4  In This Issue
5  Chest-fiel (ad parody)
6  Editorials by John Klempner
7  The Leg Race by Staff
9  Duel at Sundown Gap by Zaney Grey (drawing by Ralph Owen)
10 Mr. Phipps drawing by Bechtel
11 So Long Mr. Phipps by Chuck Alverson; The Perfect Squelch by Jake Farkas
12 Lost Scripts (jokes); Doctor cartoon by White
13 Boy Meets Girl by Daphne Van Relaxation (drawing by J. Krogh)
14 Rabbit cartoon by Kosman
15 A. Botch Strikes Again by Joe McCord (drawing by Johannsen)
16 You Be the Judge
17 Squirrel cartoon by Moody
18 Cardiac '59 (ad parody)
19 School for the Jobless by Staff
24 Mother drawing by Bechtel
25 Mother by Pillip Wilie; Anxiety cartoon
27 Jungle cartoon by Gregorich
30 Cartoons by T.P.
31 Cannibals Carnal Tomato Goup (ad parody)
32 Getting Lost (writer biographies)
Inside Back Cover - Moon cartoon by Ted Key
Back Cover - Salem cigarettes (real ad)