40 Lineman to the Last (continued from Last Week)
41 Cartoon by Follette Progar
42 What Would You Have Done?
43 The Most Exposes College Sex - Next Week's Most
44 Cartoon by Rea Vaughan
45 I'm Proud of this Picture by Margaret Bourke-Black
46 Famous Last Words (cartoon by Irwin German)
47 Verse
49 My Faithful Wife (continued from Hunger); The Perfect Squelch by Gregory Hammersmith Alcatraz (drawing by Crawford Vaughan)
50 American Monument
51 The Role I Liked Best by Margaret O'Phooey
52 Cartoon by Colcan Progar
54 Ratler Hotels (ad parody - drawings by G.A. Ryan)
55 Nazel (cartoon by G.B. Key)
56 Keeping Mosted; Awow Shorts (ad parody - drawings by Len)
Back Cover - Chesterfield cigarettes (real ad)