Sarah Vowell

Radio On: A Listener's Diary - St. Martin's Griffin - 1996 - 230 pages

On New Year's Eve 1994, the 25-year-old, Art-History Teacher Sarah Vowell decided to spend an entire year listening to everything on her radio and keeping a diary of her thoughts.  Although Ms. Vowell was a native of Montana and worked in radio there, most of the book was written in Chicago.  She writes about President Clinton, Speaker Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh in his prime as the king of hate radio.  She gives equal time to all forms of music and commentary but obviously prefers Nirvana and NPR.  Along the way she proves that she is not fan of Ronald Reagan, Garrison Keillor, The Grateful Dead, Alanis Morissette and especially Limbaugh.  By the end of September, she is writing a long rant about how much she hates radio.  And then, by the end of the year, she is celebrating the fact that she will never have to listen to it again.  Radio On is a rather unusual first book for someone as talented and opinionated as Sarah Vowell.  But, this was only the beginning for someone who has come to be known as a respected historian, author, social commentator and part-time actor.  [JAM 10/3/2019]