Roadkill of Middle Earth (John Carnell/Tom Sutton) - Simon & Schuster ibooks (2001) - 62 pages

This very short book (30 illustrations by Sutton and huge margins on the printed pages) is a strange parody of Lord of the Rings.  The technology-challenged residents of "Middle Terra Firma" and "The Little People of the Shyer" are terrorized by a diesel-powered, eighteen-wheeler known as "Smog" (Get it?).  With motorcycles, machine guns and chainsaws, the Bikers, Dwarves ("Grimly son of Oi, brother to Loin, Gleen, Spleen-and-Mean, Grumpy, Bashful, Dozy, Dee, Mike and Titch") and Halfwits defeat Smog and all is well until the next time.  The book is short and so is the humor.  [JAM 2/5/2009]