The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. (Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland) - William Morrow - 2017 - 752 pages

So here's the deal: history as we know it is constantly changing because of witches.  Witches can do magic.  The U.S. government has secretly funded an effort to decipher some ancient documents to help them find witches to create a system of passageways to the past.  With this functioning method of time travel, our guys can keep their guys from doing bad stuff (in a perfect world).  This novel from the syfy mind of Stephenson (somewhat modified by Ms. Galland) is his latest trip to another world that might be existing contemporaneously.  The authors spin history, technology, superstition and corporate regimentation into a web of mystery and adventure.  This may be Stephenson's best novel to date.  The book has no ending - just a stopping point.  The world about you is not what you think.  [JAM 8/22/2017]