Rime (Carl McGrew) - Penn State Froth - April 1955 - 58 pages


The humorists on the Froth magazine staff were far behind their peers at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. in 1955.  This parody of Time magazine relies heavily on silly names, rhyming jokes and lots and lots of fillers.  The format mostly follows the weekly Time topics in standard order.  The cover is a drawing of "Plumber Einstein" with a large sink with arms grabbing and throwing students down the drain.  This drawing somehow relates to the "Education" article about the university HUB (named for former President Ralph Dorn Hub which was meant to be a "permanent carnival set on several acres in the middle of the campus."  There are a few drawings of parody advertisements but the issue is dominated by droning text and (bad jokes).  There is one ad parody ("Maidens for Men") that appears to be a thinly-disguised pitch for campus prostitutes, "sold by the pound: $15 new, $10 used."  [JAM 7/10/2020]


Cover: Plumber Einstein (artist unknown)
6   Letters (fake)
12 (bad jokes)
13 A Letter From The Publisher; Staff members; Index
14 Lard's Apple Jack (ad parody; artist unknown)
15 National Affairs
18 News in Pictures
20 Judgments & Prophecies
22 The Semisphere
23 Maidens for Men (ad parody; drawing by "bALIS")
24 People (plus bad joke)
26 (bad jokes)
28 Education
30 Millstones (don't ask)
33 Craps (ad parody for cheap cigarettes; artist unknown)
34 Music (plus bad jokes)
36 Sport (plus bad jokes)
38 Radio and Television (plus bad jokes)
40 American Fraternal Insurance Group (ad parody; drawing by "CAT")
41 Millstones (again)
42 Index of Advertisers
44 Art (drawings of outhouse by Frank Lloyd Wrong, eating in the dorms by Goya, and Whistler's Housemother; artists unknown)
46 Business (and bad jokes)
48 Millstones (more of that plus bad jokes)
50 Cinema (with bad jokes filler)
53 Books
54 A Froth Sampler (bad jokes)
56 Rime News Quiz (and bad jokes)
58 Miscellany
77 Religion (not really)
80 Science (nope)
84 Theater (nada)
90 Medicine (not)