Re>Wired (Tim Connor & Jim Downey) - HarperPerennial - 1996 - 64 pages

Wired magazine is a monthly publication that has been in operation since 1993, printing articles about emerging technologies and how they affect existing norms.  I have never actually read an issue of Wired but this parody gives me an idea of the target market (i.e. computer nerds).  There is a lot of name-dropping within Re>Wired (Bill Gates et al.) and some dazzling, colorful graphics that make the whole thing hard to read.  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gets several mentions, including one that links him to "... one of my buddies - like Adnan Kashoggi [sic], The Donald [Trump] or King Hussein [of Jordan (1935-1999)]."  I suppose it is all very clever but it is mostly wasted on me.  I gave up my subscription to Popular Electronics (1954-1985) in 1962.  [JAM 1/30/2017]

Front Cover - Bill Gates IV
6 Context (index)
8 List of contributors; Missed by Blowmibuns (software ad parody)
9 MSNBC Fall Lineup (ad parody)
10 Rants & Rants (letters)
12 F-Word (misc.)
16 Fetish (fake hardware)
18 Prepared Data (charts)
20 Deductible Junkies (events)
21 Geekchorus (Microsoft performers?)
22 Geekosphere: The End of Meaning
25 A Modest Proposal by "Newt Gingrich"
28 The Declaration of Cyberfoo Independence by "John Barry Barleycorn"
30 The re>Wired Interview: A Day with Pubescape's Ricky Neilsen
36 Bill Gates' Guide to Picking Up NetChicks
42 Future Design by "John Carson Slapitt"
46 The re>Wired Brain Trust Symposium
52 The Coolest Chat Rooms by "Sean Carton"
55 Cybersmorgasborg by "R.U, Sisyphus"
58 Digital Outlaws, Part VII: Michael Szyzygy by "R.U. Sisyphus"
63 Just Outabounds (more events)
64 Smart Pants by "Benjamin Blancoponte "
Back Cover - Tanqueray (real ad)